Evaluation Services


Evaluation shows you how well you are meeting your clients’ needs. SEA will customize an evaluation plan and data collection system that works for your program. After your data is collected, we will help you analyze and present it in a meaningful way. Our clients use evaluation to plan, improve their programs, demonstrate accountability, share their results and show funders the impact their funding has made.

SEA Services Include

  • Design a program evaluation
  • Design a needs assessment
  • Design quantitative and qualitative data collection tools
  • Oversee project implementation
  • Provide formative evaluations: assess your program as it is happening.
  • Develop summative evaluations at project conclusion.
  • Create logic models
  • Design surveys, focus groups, and case studies
  • Provide comprehensive evaluation reports
  • Conduct external evaluation of grants
  • Present evaluation workshops
  • Make data visually interesting, using colorful charts, graphs and other displays