Sandpiper Evaluation Associates LLC helps schools, nonprofits, and small businesses find opportunities, solve problems, and plan for the future. We specialize in evaluation, resource development, and strategic thinking and planning. Our work helps strengthen your organization so you can do even more to improve the lives of those you serve.  

“Originally, everything seemed so daunting and abstract and now everything seems manageable and attainable.”
Paige Fetterly, Women’s Resources of Monroe County, on strategic planning
“It was my pleasure to work with Sandpiper on this successful endeavor and would highly recommend them to any organization seeking guidance and assistance in developing their Strategic Plan.”
Warren Gericke, Lehigh Valley Children's Centers, Board Chair
“SEA has done a great job with the evaluations and reports. However, you are much more valuable to our organization than just for the assessments.  I especially appreciate the additional value that you bring to Casa professionally and personally.”
Lucy DeLaBar, Casa Guadalupe, CEO

Chamber of Commerce